Foulard boxes: Kutsuto silk scarves

Foulard boxes:  Kutsuto silk scarves
I still have the memory of hours spent hidden in my grandmother’s bedroom opening the cupboard and delicately unfolding dozens of small silk scarves, impressed to see all these bright colors and absolutely fascinating graphic patterns.
It is probably at the cross of this childhood memory and my passion for the beauty of fabrics and traditional savoir-faire that was born the line of KUTSUTO® silk scarves.

An elegant accessory, extremely pleasant to the touch and easy to wear. These twill silk stoles are printed in contrasted colors or neutral tones at KUTSUTO®.

Entirely woven and printed in France close to Lyon, a worldwide renowned town for its ancestral savoir-faire in the silk industry, they are hand-rolled in a traditional way which gives them this perfect and authentic finishing.

Silk is extremely comfortable on the skin, wrinkles very few and gives light and brightness to colors. Silk also keeps freshness in Summer and gives heat in Winter.

7 different models in the collection - 95 euro


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