Kutsi Kutsa® Figurines

Kutsi Kutsa® Figurines
Main inspiration of the brand, KUTSI KUTSA® figurines spray their design on most of the KUTSUTO item lines.

Born from research on the brand monogram, they quickly became a success to international clients.

This small, amusing and colorful character is inspired by some typical personalities in our current society.
Its body is composed with the double K monogram of the brand and looks like a chromosome directly extracted from the KUTSUTO® DNA. Its name evokes French subtlety: comme-ci comme-ça ? coussi coussa? … Kutsi kutsa® !

Entirely created in France, it is printed onto Plexiglas, then laser cut in the best ateliers, which gives it this incredible transparency.

Kutsi kutsa® are decoration items but can also be used as light paper weights.

All of them have a different name, a different personality. They tell us about who they are and what they love in life.
You will for sure recognize yourself in a few of them !

Check them out and explore our world !

Kutsi kutsa® figurines exist in 3


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